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Walkthrough: Phase 15 - Chapter 4
Pao City
  • Search the chests and find:
  • In one of the vans you will meet Earnest, he says he wants revenge against Balbazak.
  • In another van you will meet General Elliott of Runefaust, who has lots to say.
  • Speak to the Queen of Pao.
  • Then speak to the driver of the caravan.
  • Then speak to the Queen again and agree to let the town move on.
  • Kokichi will fly down and join the force.
  • Head to the chapel and go to the back of the room and you'll see Jogurt fall over, he will join the force.
  • Head to the middle of the big empty space and talk to Vankar, he will join the force.
  • Head off the screen to the East.
  • Battle with General Elliott
  • One of the Lizardmen is carrying a Heat Axe, if the person that kills him can carry it they will pick it up.
Things to Find: Characters to Join:
Long Sword Kokichi
Bread of Life Jogurt
Legs of Haste Vankar
Heat Axe  

Chapter 4



Queen Again





Heat Axe