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Shining Force
The Legacy of Great Intention
     Shining Force is a strategy/RPG game which was released in the U.S. in 1993 by Sega USA for the Sega Genesis game system. You control Max in his quest to find and destroy Dark Dragon. Along the way, people will join the force to help in battle. The thirty battles are the central focus of the game.

     Max begins the game on his own but soon other characters begin to join him and ultimately 29 other characters are available to the force. However, Max is only allowed to bring 11 others into battle with him, so optimizing the force is essential each step of the way. The thirty battles are spread over eight chapters and once you complete a chapter you are unable to go back to that chapter, so be sure to get everything along the way because you can not go back and get it.

     This game has stood the test of time and has been recently enhanced and released for the Nintendo Game Boy in 2004. Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention is the second in a long list of Shining games which is still evolving. Here is a complete list of the Shining series.