April 24, 2009  
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Little League 2009 - Athletics
Next Snack
Jane & Eric DeFloures
Sunday April, 26
1Jake DiFloures
3Jimmy Daddario
4Brendan Hofferty
6Michael Cherry
7Bryan McGrath
8Cooper Dena
9John Miller
10Camden Lupien
11Gabe Murphy
12Neil Ferraro
13Anthony Nazaretian
***** Updates *****
I have married my passions for baseball scorekeeping and software development and have created a way to generate an on-line scorecard for each game. Here is a sample of what I will post throughout the year:

Sample Scorecard
Next Practice/Game
Sunday April 26 @ 1:00 PMatFletcher 2vs Tigers
Tuesday April 28 @ 5:30 PMatLower Daceyvs Rays