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Americas Dizzy Dean
   by: Curt Smith
Dean, DizzyBaseball H
Babe Ruth - Baseball Legends
   by: Norman L. Macht
Ruth, BabeBaseballBaseball Legends H
Babe The Legend Comes to Life
   by: Robert W Creamer
Ruth, BabeBaseball H
Bad as I wanna Be
   by: Dennis Rodman with Tim Keown
Rodman, DennisBasketball H
Baseball Hall of Fame
   by: Ken Smith
Baseball P
Baseball in 41
   by: Robert W Creamer
1941Baseball H
Carl Yastrzemski - Baseball Legends
   by: Shepard Long
Yastrzemski, CarlBaseballBaseball Legends H
Creating the National Pastime
   by: G Edward White
1903-1953Baseball H
   by: Larry Bird with Bob Ryan
Bird, LarryBasketball H
Early Innings
   by: Dean A Sullivan
1825-1908Baseball P
   by: Stewart O'Nan and Stephen King
2004 Red SoxBaseball H
Fenway: An Unexpurgated History of the Boston Red Sox
   by: Peter Golenbock
Boston Red SoxBaseball H
Go Up For Glory
   by: Bill Russell
Russell, BillBasketball P
Hank Greenberg
   by: Hank Greenberg with Ira Berkow
Greenberg, HankBaseball H
   by: Randy Alcorn
HeavenChristian H
Hitter Life and Times of Ted Williams
   by: Ed Linn
Williams, TedBaseball H
Honus Wagner
   by: Dennis and Jeanne Burke DeValeria
Wagner, HonusBaseball H
Honus Wagner - Baseball Legends
   by: Jack Kavanagh, Norman L. MacHt
Wagner, HonusBaseballBaseball Legends H
Hustle, The myth, life and lies of Pete Rose
   by: Michael Y Sokolove
Rose, PeteBaseball H
I ain't an athlete Lady
   by: John Kruk
Kruk, JohnBaseball H
I Had A Hammer The Hank Aaron Story
   by: Hank Aaron with Lonnie Wheeler
Aaron, HankBaseball H
I Never Had it Made
   by: Jackie Robinson to Alfred Duckett
Robinson, JackieBaseball H
Iron Horse Lou Gehrig in His Time
   by: Ray Robinson
Gehrig, LouBaseball H
Jackie Robinson
   by: Arnold Rampersad
Robinson, JackieBaseball H
Jackie Robinson - Baseball Legends
   by: John Grabowski
Robinson, JackieBaseballBaseball Legends H
Joe DiMaggio
   by: George DeGregorio
DiMaggio, JoeBaseball P
Judge Landis and 25 years of Baseball
   by: JG Taylor Spink
Landis, JudgeBaseball H
   by: Sandy Koufax with Ed Linn
Koufax, SandyBaseball H
Let Me Tell You a Story
   by: Red Auerbach and John Feinstein
Auerbach, RedBasketball H
Lost Ballparks
   by: Lawrence Ritter
Baseball P
Lou Gehrig - Baseball Legends
   by: Norman L. MacHt
Gehrig, LouBaseballBaseball Legends H
Lou Gehrig Boy of the Sandlots
   by: Van Riper
Gehrig, LouBaseball H
Love & Respect
   by: Emerson Eggerichs
The Love She Most Desires, the Respect He Desperately NeedsChristian H
Low and Outside
   by: William B. Mead
BaseballWorld of Baseball H
Matty An American Hero
   by: Ray Robinson
Mathewson, ChristyBaseball H
Maybe I'll Pitch Forever
   by: Leroy Satchel Paige
Paige, SatchelBaseball P
Men at Work
   by: George F Will
Baseball H
Mickey Mantle - Baseball Legends
   by: Mark and Neil Gallagher
Mantle, MickeyBaseballBaseball Legends H
Mr Cub
   by: Ernie Banks and Jim Enright
Banks, ErnieBaseball H
My Favorite Summer 1956
   by: Mickey Mantle & Phil Pepe
Mantle, MickeyBaseball H
Nine Innings
   by: Daniel Okrent
Baseball H
October's Game
   by: Paul Adomites
BaseballWorld of Baseball H
Pennant Races Baseball at it's Best
   by: Dave Anderson
Baseball H
Pete Rose - Baseball Legends
   by: Thomas W. Gilbert
Rose, PeteBaseballBaseball Legends H
Pitching in a Pinch
   by: Christy Mathewson
Mathewson, ChristyBaseball H
   by: KC Jones with Jack Warner
Jones, KCBasketball H
Red Auerbach On and Off the Court
   by: Red Auerbach with Joe Fitzgerald
Auerbach, RedBasketball H
   by: Reggie Jackson with Mike Lupica
Jackson, ReggieBaseball H
Rogers Hornsby
   by: Charles C Alexander
Hornsby, RogersBaseball H
Rogers Hornsby - Baseball Legends
   by: Jack Kavanagh
Hornsby, RogersBaseballBaseball Legends H
Sandy Koufax A Lefty's Legacy
   by: Jane Leavy
Koufax, SandyBaseball H
Say Hey Autobiography of Willie Mays
   by: Willie Mays with Lou Sahadi
Mays, WillieBaseball H
Second Wind
   by: Bill Russell and Taylor Branch
Russell, BillBasketball H
   by: Steve Fiffer
BaseballWorld of Baseball H
Stan Musial - Baseball Legends
   by: John Grabowski
Musial, StanBaseballBaseball Legends H
Stengel His Life and Times
   by: Robert W Creamer
Stengel, CaseyBaseball H
Stranger to the Game
   by: Bob Gibson and Lonnie Wheeler
Gibson, BobBaseball H
Summer of 49
   by: David Halberstam
Summer of 1949Baseball H
Summer of 98
   by: Mike Lupica
Summer of 1998Baseball H
Take me out to the Ballpark
   by: Josh Leventhal
Baseball H
Ted Williams - Baseball Legends
   by: Rick Wolff
Williams, TedBaseballBaseball Legends H
Ted Williams A Baseball Life
   by: Michael Seidel
Williams, TedBaseball H
The Babe Ruth Story
   by: Babe Ruth to Bob Considine
Ruth, BabeBaseball P
The Baseball Chronicle
Baseball H
The Big Three
   by: Peter May
Bird, McHale and ParishBasketball H
The Boston Celtics Fifty Years
   by: George Sullivan
Boston CelticsBasketball H
The Curse of the Bambino
   by: Dan Shaughnessy
Baseball P
The Era
   by: Roger Kahn
1947-1957Baseball H
The Explosive Sixties
   by: William B. Mead
BaseballWorld of Baseball H
The Fenway Project
   by: Bill Nowlin
Boston Red SoxBaseball P
The Fielders
   by: Jim Kaplan
BaseballWorld of Baseball H
The Game That Was
   by: Mark Jacob, Richard Cahan
Baseball P
The Glory of their Times
   by: Lawrence Ritter
Baseball H
The Great Encyclopedia of 19th Century Major League Baseball
   by: David Nemec
Baseball H
The Hurlers
   by: Kevin Kerrane
BaseballWorld of Baseball H
The Inside Game
BaseballWorld of Baseball H
The Last Best League
   by: Jim Collins
Cape Cod Baseball LeagueBaseball H
The Lively Ball
   by: James A. Cox
BaseballWorld of Baseball H
The NBA Finals
   by: Roland Lazenby
Basketball H
The New Professionals
   by: Randy Rieland
BaseballWorld of Baseball H
The Old Ball Game
   by: Mark Alvarez
BaseballWorld of Baseball H
The Sluggers
   by: John Holway
BaseballWorld of Baseball H
Ty Cobb
   by: Charles C Alexander
Cobb, TyBaseball H
Ty Cobb - Baseball Legends
   by: Norman L. Macht
Cobb, TyBaseballBaseball Legends H
Wait till Next Year
   by: Doris Kearns Goodwin
Baseball P
Walter Johnson Baseball's Big Train
   by: Henry W Thomas
Johnson, WalterBaseball P
Where Have You Gone Joe DiMaggio
   by: Maury Allen
DiMaggio, JoeBaseball H
Who was Roberto
   by: Phil Musick
Clemente, RobertoBaseball H
Willie Stargell
   by: Willie Stargell and Tom Bird
Stargell, WillieBaseball H
Win Shares
   by: Bill James
Baseball P
Yaz Baseball the Wall and Me
   by: Carl Yastrzemski with Gerald Eskenazi
Yastrzemski, CarlBaseball H
Yogi It ain't over
   by: Yogi Berra with Tom Horton
Berra, YogiBaseball P
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